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H5-Fall10+Lecture+26+Outline - V Two Europes East vs West...

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History 5, Fall 2010 Outline: Lecture XXVI p. 1 2 December 2010 Remaking Europe East and West: Communism and Social Democracy I.  Ground Zero A. Stalingrad, Berlin, Hiroshima, and other cities devastated by war B. Costs of the War II. International hopes A. UN B. Moral rules for state behavior:  Declaration of the Rights of Man goes global C. Moral rules for professional behavior: the birth of medical ethics D. The Nuremburg Trials and international human rights law III. National efforts to master the past and the future A. De-nazification and restitution B. Collaboration C. Forgetting IV. Building anew A. US post war dominance B. The facts on the ground C. The question of revolution and the social question again 1. Building the welfare state and consumer democracy a. Beveridge Report b. Marshall Plan c. Consumer democracy  2. Securing or defending againstc ommunism
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Unformatted text preview: V. Two Europes: East vs West in the Cold War VI. The Hungarian Revolution of 1956 A. What happened Oct 23 to Nov. 4, 1956? 1. Student Revolt and Fighting, Oct. 23-28 2. The Revolution's Success, Oct. 28-30 3. Soviet Invasion, Nov. 1-4 B. Recuperation of 1848, its loss and its re-re incorporation in 1989 C. Defining Communism in Hungary Post-1956 a. Not Imre Nagy (1896-1958), Communist reformer, Hungarian PM during the Revolution, and martyr. History 5, Fall 2010 Outline: Lecture XXVI p. 2 2 December 2010 b. Not Mátyás Rákosi (1892-1971), First Secretary of the Hungarian Communist Party under Stalinism. c. Not Miklós Horthy (1868-1957), Regent of Hungary 1920-1944. d. Not the "imperialist capitalist" West. e. Goulash Communism D. Defines the limits of Cold War geo-politics...
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H5-Fall10+Lecture+26+Outline - V Two Europes East vs West...

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