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Robert Johnson 790468 Sociology I 7:50- 11:50 AM Tuesday/ Thursday Summer 2010 Critical Thinking Assignment #2 Critical Thinking The relation between school and jails is that, schools play such a critical role in adult life-course outcomes because they affect individuals through several important social mechanisms. Schools are responsible for the socialization of youth. Schools work to train individuals for different roles in society and thus determine the selection of individuals for the allocation of scarce resources. Schools also structure an individual's interpersonal interactions and associations. Criminal acts in our country are most often executed by the poor, under- educated and disenfranchised members of our society. Many of these offenders have not achieved the educational level that is necessary to adequately support themselves and their families. Without an education, these individuals are statistically likely to end up behind bars. Even worse, when the convict goes into prison undereducated, he usually leaves prison in the same state. Once a criminal record, poor education, little legitimate work experience and the negative social implication of a prison record are all accounted for, the enormous barrier which ex-offenders must overcome to succeed in free society becomes obvious. Prison educational programs are a bridge that can help inmates move from incarceration into the real
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world. 1 Without help, ex-inmates will very likely end up back in prison soon after they are released. Our criminal corrections system should try to find a way to break this cycle. When looking at term Recidivism, which is term described as the individuals who return to prison or jail after having previously served time in such a facility. Unfortunately, a large number of inmates fall into this category. Prisoners who participate in educational programs while incarcerated are less likely to recidivate.
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Critical Thinking #1 - Robert Johnson 790468 Sociology I...

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