hw9 - self.yVel = yVel return self.yVel def update(self):...

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import cTurtle import random class Boid: def __init__(self): self.xPos = random.random() self.yPos = random.random() self.xVel = random.random()-.9 self.yVel = random.random()-.9 self.turtle = cTurtle.Turtle() self.turtle.setWorldCoordinates (0,0,1,1) self.turtle.up() self.turtle.goto(self.xPos, self.yPos) self.turtle.resizemode("user") self.turtle.shape("circle") self.turtle.color("blue") self.turtle.tracer(4) def getXPos(self): print (self.xPos) def setXPos(self, xPos): self.xPos = xPos return self.xPos def getYPos(self): return self.yPos def setYPos (self, yPos): self.yPos = yPos return self.yPos def getXVel(self): return self.xVel def setXVel (self, xVel): self.xVel = xVel return self.xVel def getYVel(self): return self.yVel def setYVel (self, yVel):
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Unformatted text preview: self.yVel = yVel return self.yVel def update(self): self.xPos = self.xPos + self.xVel if self.xPos <0: self.xPos =0 self.yPos = self.yPos + self.yVel if self.yPos >1: self.yPos = 1 self.turtle.goto(self.xPos, self.yPos) def applyWallAversion (self): if self.xPos<.01: self.xVel = self.xVel + (0.01-self.xPos) if self.xPos<.99: self.xVel = self.xVel + (0.99-self.xPos) if self.yPos<.01: self.yVel = self.yVel + (0.01-self.yPos) if self.yPos>.99: self.yVel = self.yVel + (0.99 - self.yPos) def boidsSimulation (numBoids, numSteps): boidList = for boid in range (numBoids): boidList.append(Boid) for steps in range (numSteps): for boids in boidList: Boid.update(Boid)...
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hw9 - self.yVel = yVel return self.yVel def update(self):...

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