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MGMT 4020 - Communication is the person sending the message...

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Communication- is the person sending the message Receiver-is the person accepting the message Perceptual screens- windows through which we interact with others it influences the quality, accuracy, and clarity of the communication Communicator- the person sending the message Interpersonal communication- communication between two or more people in an organization (critical foundation for effective performance and individual well-being in organizations) Message- the thoughts and feelings that the communicator is attempting to evoke the receiver Feedback- information fed back that completes two way communication Language- the words, their pronunciations, and the methods of combining them used and understood by a group of people Data- Uniterpreted and unanalyzed Information- data that have been interpreted, analyzed, and have meaning to some user Richness- the ability of a medium to convey meaning to a receiver
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  • Interpersonal communication- communication, communication Communicator, way communication Language, receiver Feedback- information

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