at the moment we

at the moment we - the time and get back to delhi by 30th...

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at the moment we're staying in this place called jainiwar resort in mandawa, which is a really small but  pretty country town. we're heading down towards jaisalmer over the next 2 days to go on a camel  safari hopefully. we're travelling over rajasthan until the 15th when we go to stay in agra (where the taj mahal is)  overnight, then across to varanasi (the city on the ganges river) on the 16th. we're most likely leaving  then to go to mumbai on 20th or 21st, and down to goa by 21st or 22nd. we'll stay at goa for the rest of 
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Unformatted text preview: the time, and get back to delhi by 30th or 31st to fly out of india on the night of the 1st. from there, we get to china on the morning of the 2nd, and we'll catch a train across to meet nat and steve on the same day. we leave hong kong on the night of the 10th to arrive back in sydney on the morning of the 11th. 1. Mandawa 2. Jaisalmer 3. Agra 4. Varanasi (the city on the ganges river on the 16 th ) 5. Mumbai (20 th and 21 st ) 6. Goa (rest of the time) 7. Delhi (30 th or 31 st )...
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