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4/27/11 1 Announcements - General Continue to watch your waste streams! Compliance is quite good and improving From now on, TAs will begin deducting points from the whole section if waste disposal is not perfect Labs 4 and 5 will be held in classrooms. Look for your room assignment and meeting time on Compass Class time will be 2 hours After Lab 5 classroom work, you will be dismissed Suggestion – read about NMR in your organic chemistry textbook Announcements – First Exam The first exam will be on March 9 th at 7-8 pm. Will cover material on Experiments 1-3, all Course lectures and NMR theory Check for study guide – See Compass TA-led review session scheduled – Check Compass Look on Compass for classroom locations for your section Conflict exams for those in MCB250 and others – Thursday evening, 7-8 pm at 209 Huff Hall To arrange to take the conflict exam: email me [again] with the subject “Take Conflict Exam” briefly state reason for the conflict in the body of the message If you have a conflict on both 3/9 and 3/10, email me the reason and the time you might be able to take the exam on 3/10
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4/27/11 2 Exam notes Determine your testing location, posted on Compass Arrive 10 minutes early to get checked-in and situated Bring your U of I Student ID You may use a calculator but NOT a programmable calculator Bring a #2 pencil to fill in scantron forms You will NOT need molecular models for this exam A review session may be scheduled --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SECTION MEETING NAME DATE START END ATT LOCATION ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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spectroscopy 2.ptx - 4/27/11 Announcements - General...

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