cpt - m’iK—fi'fifzflffll ‘ CAMERON UNIVERSITY...

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Unformatted text preview: m’iK—fi'fifzflffll ‘ CAMERON UNIVERSITY OFFICE or ADMISSIONS International Office 214-215 N Shepler 2800 W Gore Blvd 103-20 Lawton, OK 73 505 580-581—2838/580—591-8019 Instructions for CU International Students who Wish to obtain CURRICULAR PRACTICAL TRAINING (“CPT”) What is CPT? The regulations state that curricular practical training must be "an integral part of an established curricultun.” They define curricular practical training as "alternate work/study, internship, cooperative education, or any other type ofrequired internship or practicum which is offered by sponsoring employers through cooperative agreements with the school." 8 C.F.R. § 214.2(i3110ui). The internship must either be required by the student’s degree program or the student must receive course credit for the internship. Please note that an internship is defined as supervised employment of limited duration, with education and experience being its primary function. Fttlhtime, continuous, benefits—eligible employment is not appropriate for an internship. Am I Eligible for CPT? To be eligible for CPT employment authorization, you must meet the following criteria: - F-1 students must have been lawfully enrolled on a full~time basis for two required semesters (fall and spring) before becoming eligible for CPT. - Student must be in good academic standing and currently enrolled full-time. General Requirements: 0 The CPT enrollment must be either required for the degree or for credit and part of the degree program in one of these ways: > An internship is a required part of the degree program > An internship is not a required part of degree program, but academic credit will be given for the internship and the credit will count toward degree requirements. > An internship is required to complete thesis research. ‘P The internship is listed in the course catalog. Specific Requirements: 0 Student must complete CPT prior to the expected completion date on the 1-20. An 1-20 cannot be extended for the sole purpose of CPT.‘ o CPT will be Part—time (no more than 20 hours per week, including any on campus employment) during the spring and fall semesters. Students can request full-time. (21 to 40 hours per week) CPT during the summer session. 0 12 months of full—time CPT will result in ineligibility for optional practical training (OPT). ' ' CPT4studentsdoc REV12102010 page 1 of3 - CPT start date must be within semester add/drop period. CPT internships will not be authorized with a start date prior to the first day of the semester. CPT authorization dates will be Within semester start and end dates. Applicants must apply for CPT with an end date that matches the end date of the semester in which CPT is authorized. How Do I Apply? Bring the following items to the International Office (please make an appointment with the Designated School Official (DSO) by calling 581-2838 or 591-8019). 0 Your Valid passport. (Passport must be valid for at least 6 months into the future.) 0 Your 1-94 0 Your 1-20 0 Your CU transcript. (You must have maintained full—time F—l status the previous 9 months to be eligible. The only exception is for graduate students seeking training required by their degree program — these students might seek CPT opportunities during their first semester.) 0 A computer printout of your enrollment in the “internship” class. A letter of offer from the employer on letterhead with employer’s name, location, phone number and contact person, beginning and ending dates of employment, number of hours per week, description of j ob duties, and indication that the position is an internship o A letter from your academic advisor, on CU letterhead, with the advisor’s signature that includes all the information indicated in the attached sample letter. 0 If the International Office determines that the student is eligible for curricular practical training, the authorization will be added to your 1-20 and DHS will be notified through SEVIS. What are the Employment Documents? 0 1-9: The curricular practical training authorization of the designated school official (international student advisor) satisfies the employment eligibility requirements of the 1-9 form (column C, number 7). 0 Sooial Security and Medicare withholding: F —1 students who have been in the US. for 5 calendar years or less are not required to pay social security and Medicare taxes, nor are the employers required to pay taxes on their behalf. I Federal Income Tax Withholding: Ful students are required to pay federal income tax on their employment income. This handout represents an explanation of the procedure required to gain approval for Curricular Practical Training. Changes, exceptions, and/or additions to required documents do occur. Remember, as with all DHS laws and regulations relating to F—] student visa holders, the student is responsible for compliance. If you are not sure a ASK. The International Oflice is here to help you. CPT4studentsdoc REX/12102010 _ page 2 of 3 Sample Letter from a Supervising Professor re: Curricular Practical Training (Please print on department’s letterhead and please sign name in full) ----—-—-—-——-———-v——t-———-r-—l-—l-.-II.——F—--—-————-—u-p-a---------lu-IHpl TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: is a student in the department of at Cameron University. Practical experience in this field is an important part of this student's education, as it will enhance knowledge the student acquires in the classroom. For this reason, I recommend that s/he obtain curricular practical training from (date) to (date). I understand that the student must be concurrently enrolfed in the course that relates to the practical experience. The course s/he will be concurrently enrolled in is The course description and objectives are (defined in the CU catalog and/or defined as follows). ' I understand that the student must be in lawfui F-i status and must be in good academic standing. It is the student’s responsibility to understand the rules and regulations associated with this benefit, and to comply with these rules. SIGNATURE OF FACULTV MEMBER CPT4students.doc REV12102010 page 3 of3 ...
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cpt - m’iK—fi'fifzflffll ‘ CAMERON UNIVERSITY...

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