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The Beginnings of American Government The constitutional framers incorporated two basic properties of government that have evolved in England (a) Limited Government: a government on which strict limits are placed (usually by constitution) (b) Representative Government: government in which the people by whatever means elect individuals to make governmental decisions for all citizens. The Continental Congresses are Established ____________________________________ 1. First Congress: (1774) drafted resolution to boycott British trade and urged the colonies to raise their troops. 2. Second Congress: (1775) they established a national army with George Washington; commander in chief 3. Congress of Confederation: this congress had powers to enter into treaties/alliances. 4. The central government under the articles suffered, from weaknesses. (a) For example: the confederation was made up of independent states
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Unformatted text preview: that had no intention of giving up their sovereignty. (b) Because there was such a weak government the central government could give little to maintain peace and order (1) Shay's Rebellion: revolting high taxes/debts (2) Bickering among the states over taxes (3) States coining their own money Drafting the Constitution 1. The Virginia Plan _______________________________________________ (a) A bicameral legislature: lower house chosen by the people, upper house elected by lower house; the number of reps, in the legislature is done by the population to each state's population. (b) National executive branch, elected by the legislative branch. National court system, created by the legislature. 2. The New Jersey Plan (favors smaller states) __________________________ (a) Each state would have only one vote in congress....
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