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A: The Elusive Quest for growth By: William Easterly 1.) Theme of quest (ancient) a.) Search for precious object with magical properties: Golden fleece, the Holy Grail, the elixir of life. 1. Jason Found golden fleece with help of Madea I. Jason betrayed Madea for a princess II. Madea killed Jasons new bride and her own children. 2.) Economist quest (discover that means by which poor countries in tropics could become rich. a.) Precious objects offered: Machinery investment, foreign aid, fostering education, population control, to giving loans conditional on reforms for debt relief
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Failed to grow as planned I. Sub Saharan Africa was main focus and it dint grow at all II. Latin America and middle east grew for awhile later crashed in 80s and 90s III. South Asia had erratic grow and large portion of worlds poor IV.East Asia shinning success suffered crash some countries still haven’t gotten out of V. Tried ex-communist countries… fail 3.) People do what they get paid to do, what they don’t get paid to do, they don’t do a.) By: Steve Landsburg Book: Armchair Economist...
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