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Kotler 13 th Edition Chapter #3 “Tom’s Shoes” Transcript MYCOSKIE: Hi, I’m Blake Mycoskie, chief shoe giver here at Tom’s shoes. Tom’s shoes is a very simple concept. For every pair of shoes that we sell, we give a pair away to a child somewhere in the world - who doesn’t have a pair of shoes. So, it’s a one-for- one business model where we’re really connecting the consumer in the first world, to a person in the third world who has a need. I was on vacation and I was down in Argentina. I met some children who didn’t have shoes and it just blew my mind that people had these cuts and infections and hookworm for the simple fact that they didn’t have shoes. So I wanted to give them shoes. I had deep desire in my heart to do so. But, I had no experience in charity, did not really want to become a full-time money-raiser or philanthropist, so I started to think of how could I give these kids shoes with what my skill was. What I did know I’m an entrepreneur. I’ve been an entrepreneur since I was 18 years old. So I knew that I could start a business that might be able to help these kids get shoes. And by doing a business, it would be much more sustainable than charity. I knew if I could do that and make a shoe and catch it on and get it to be cool, in doing so, would really allow me to help them without being dependent on donors or beneficiaries. In a sense, we created our own beneficiary by creating the company.
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Transcript - Kotler 13th Edition Chapter #3 Toms Shoes...

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