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Assignment Directions - MT219 Marketing Unit 4 Unit 4...

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Unit 4 MT219: Marketing 1 Unit 4 Assignment: Umpqua Bank Watch the " Umpqua Bank" Video Case . The video will take approximately 5 minutes to view. You can also visit Umpqua Bank at www.umpquabank.com if you would like. Should you need an audio script of the video, there is an audio script for the video under “Course Home” in the “Audio Scripts” area. When you are done viewing the material on Umpqua Bank, answer the following questions in a double spaced paper, no more than three pages long, and submit it to the Dropbox. This Assignment must be completed in Microsoft Word format. For some of the questions in this Assignment, you will have to review your reading from Unit 3. Assignment Checklist: 1. Identify five cultural, social, personal or psychological characteristics (shown in Chapter 5, Figure 5.2) that would affect a person becoming a customer of Umpqua Bank. 2. Show how a consumer would use the five stages of the consumer buying process in making the decision on whether to become a customer of
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