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Kotler 13 th Edition Chapter #18 “Umpqua Bank” Transcript HAYWARD: Umpqua’s vision, if you will, is right there on the wall in every location that you walk into. It says, “Welcome to the world’s greatest bank.” Hey, I’m Lani Hayward, Director of Creative Strategies at Umpqua Bank. If you think about banking, it’s been fundamentally the same for 500 years. What our goal was is to create a model that was turning the industry on its head, and creating something that hadn’t been seen before. We really wanted to come up with something that really allowed people, to give them a reason to drive past two or three other bank locations just to get to us. We do reach out to our customers to understand their needs and desires, but when we did this back in 1994, if you asked them what they wanted their bank to be, you would not have gotten this answer. What do customers like about being at a nice hotel? What do customers appreciate about being at a restaurant where you get good service? What do fine retailers do? One of the premises here is you really start with service. And it’s not about sales.
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Umpqua_Bank_Transcript - Kotler 13th Edition Chapter #18...

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