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RUNNING HEAD: FIREWIRE SURFBOARDS 1 Firewire Surfboards Kaplan University AB209 Small Business Management February 8, 2011
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Running Head: Firewire Surfboards 2 Firewire Surfboards Introduction The paper discusses the strategic positioning of the market leader in surfboard industry- Firewire Surfboards. The company enjoys a strong position in the industry through its innovation in material used for making surfboards. The company entered the industry at the time when it was at a maturity point and changed the whole outlook of the surfboard industry providing lighter, flexible and better surfboards at the competitive price. Answer 1 The two major competitors of Firewire Surfboards are Channel Islands and Lost Surfboards. The performance of Channel Islands does not match the high standards of Firewire and they even cost more. However, customers of Lost Surfboards love what is offered by the company and have a hard time with changing the type of surfboard as required by them.
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