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Networking This week, we will be discussing networking. There are two kinds: Internet and physical. We are probably most familiar with Internet networking on sites like Facebook and LinkedIn. There are many more sites in addition to these. Physical networking is done in person, and can be accomplished through formal networking groups or professional societies or service-type clubs. For this discussion, please list three Internet networks you feel will help you in your career the most and list the reasons why you chose those. For the face-to-face networking, name three practices you should employ when attending networking events.
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Unformatted text preview: For the Internet networking (list 3 Internet networks for your career): • Please list guidelines you should follow to assure these networks help you develop and use professional contacts. For the physical networking (list 3 in your community for professional development): • Name three practices you should employ when attending networking events. • What can you do to make face- to- face networking more beneficial in your job search or to the growth of your business? Please use Real Estate as the referenced business....
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