Transcript unit 4 - The reading assignment can be accessed...

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The reading assignment can be accessed in the following link +Which+of+those+factors+guided+the+Kellers%E2%80%99+choice+for+the+site+of+the+original+Le+Travel+Store? +Explain.&source=bl&ots=G-X4q0Xx- %20Which%20of%20those%20factors%20guided%20the%20Kellers%E2%80%99%20choice%20for%20the%20site%20of%20the%20original Case Study Le Travel Store, is located in the textbook on page 641. Once you have read the case study, viewed the video/read the transcript and reflected on our concepts and theories, please answer the following questions in your case study analysis: Review the five key factors in selecting a good business location. Which of those factors guided the Kellers’ choice for the site of the original Le Travel Store? Explain. Which factors or combination of factors were the Kellers’ most excited about in their newest location? Recall how the textbook describes the importance of a building’s “image”. Describe how each of the Kellers’ locations reflects the evolution of their business plan. In order to successfully complete this assignment, be sure to refer to the instructions on the Case Analysis Template located on pages 4-6 of this document. Transcript >>This is an excerpt from The Small Business School. >>Since 1980, the National Trust for Historic Preservations Main Street Programs have generated billions of dollars in visible improvements, tens of thousands of new business' and hundreds of thousand net new jobs. Much of the work to revitalize business districts is being done by small business owners. Bill and Joan Keller left an upscale mall to buy a building in San Diego's Historic Gas Lamp Quarter. They'll tell you why and how they made the big change. Also, you'll hear from our viewers and direct marketer Parven Salee. Every week on Small Business School, we take you inside our master class. This is not a class like you take in school, this is a real live classroom where small business owners explain how they do what they do. [Music] Step into the Small Business Master class with Bill and Joan Keller.
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Transcript unit 4 - The reading assignment can be accessed...

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