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Course Section Date Name of Business Profit and Loss Projections Yr 1 Yr 2 Yr 3 Income Expenses Salary (owner(s) Payroll (employees) Outside services Supplies Repair and Maintenance Advertising Rent (not mortgage) Telephone Utilities Insurance Taxes Interest (on loans) Other 0 0 0 Total Profit 0 0 0 Salary - the compensation you and or partners will receive Payroll - Compensation for hired employees Outside services - Oncluded accountants, attorneys, janitorial, outsourced work Repair and Maintenance - Expenses incurred for general repair and maintenance of your facility Supplies - Inventory that gets used on a regular basis and must be replaced. Examples include products used in the manufacture of your end product, office supplies, etc. Rent - The regular payment for the use of your business property. This will not include mortgage payments if you own the property. Taxes - includes property tax (when applicable), sales taxes, and other taxes assessed. Interest - Includes interest paid on the mortgate (if you own the
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AB209_Project_U5(1)(1) - Name Course Section Date...

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