Unit 2 - Whenever I am getting ready to write a purchase...

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Hi Sheri, I would like to follow-up with you with the client that I referred to you a couple of days ago. The client has enou discover what better rates or investments you may be able to discover with him. The client’s name is John Doe, t as 000-000-0000. In the meantime, I have given your business card to him and mentioned that you will follow-up with him shortly contact me. Sincerely, Kaolee Lysongtseng ABC Bank Personal Banker 123 Main St St Paul, MN 55555 P: 000-000-0000 F: 000-000-0000 E: kaolee.lysongtseng@email.com Respond Tonya Fishel 21 Oct 10 8:32 PM MST Philip Theibert 23 Oct 10 7:20 PM MST Hi Kaolee, Being in the real estate profession, I do a lot of written communicating with lenders. It is always refreshing to get a follow-up email without having to hunt someone down first.
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Unformatted text preview: Whenever I am getting ready to write a purchase contract on a piece of property for a client, I always request a few specific items to be listed in the pre-approval letter to insure successful sale-price negotiations. Very few lenders actually deliver something suitable to the request. Your email is of a different matter; however, it seemed to have adequate information to keep your client and colleague well informed of the situation and confident with the referral. Professor, I dont think assistant was the word Kaolee was intending to use. I believe what Kaolee meant to write was, to further assist him. Spell check often changes the word completely, rather than just correcting the spelling. This is why proofreading is important. Natalie...
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Unit 2 - Whenever I am getting ready to write a purchase...

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