UNIT2 - Freedmans view is that reading is an activity that...

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Freedman’s view is that reading is an activity that is essential in order to learn to write well. Consider the points that he makes to support his opinion and write a clear two paragraph summary of the article Assignment Checklist: Summarize the article, “You Can’t Learn to Write without Reading” from the Kaplan Library. Retell the main points of the article accurately with all the main points included. Demonstrate clear and effective paragraphing and two paragraphs included with clear transitions within paragraphs and between paragraphs. Write highly logical, unified, and coherent content, organization, writing style, and mechanics. Develop your submitted document in Standard American English, free of grammatical and mechanical errors. Section: COMMENTARY Professional educators at times doggedly avoid the obvious. The U.S. Department of Education has tested tens of thousands of children on their writing ability and invariably found that, to quote one emblematic report, "many at each grade level continue to have serious difficulty in producing effective writing," and that students who read more write better. "[ To ] become good writers," a "Writing Report Card" from the National Assessment of Educational Progress said in 1992, "students need expert instruction, frequent practice, and constructive feedback." No doubt. But that report, like others before and since, left out the prime importance of reading . Can anyone learn to write at all without also knowing how to read? Simply, literacy includes capacity
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UNIT2 - Freedmans view is that reading is an activity that...

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