bad news letter - CM105 Unit 3 [WRITING A BAD NEWS LETTER]...

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CM105 Unit 3 [ WRITING A BAD NEWS LETTER ] Writing a bad news letter This assignment gives you practice writing a business letter and learning how to convey bad news to a reader. As mentioned in the reading this week, giving or receiving bad news is not pleasant for anyone; however, sometimes it is absolutely necessary. In business, bad news does not always mean the end of a relationship. In fact, many businesses have to convey bad news but they also want to retain their customers or clients despite not being able to grant every request. Since you are a representative of the company for which you work, it is crucial that you learn to write such correspondence effectively and tactfully so that you always project a positive and professional image of the company. For this week's project, you will respond to a complaint letter. In your response, you are not allowed to give the customer everything she wants. In fact, you can neither give her a refund nor relieve her of her contractual obligation. You can,
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bad news letter - CM105 Unit 3 [WRITING A BAD NEWS LETTER]...

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