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Preference for homeschooling over traditional schooling outline Introduction: Homeschooling is currently becoming a progressively popular method of education throughout the United States. Numerous parents are making the decision to teach their children at home instead of taking the traditional approach to education. Thesis: Homeschooling is more effective than traditional schooling because it allows parents to design a particularized curriculum for their child, decreases the social pressures of the traditional school environment and offers the convenience of schedule flexibility for both the parent as well as the child. I. Homeschooling provides parents with the ability to design and teach lessons in accordance with their child’s abilities, learning style and/or special needs. A. The ability to target each child’s individual needs and capabilities increases the learning potential and improves their overall interest in the educational process. 1. “Research now indicates that the home is by far the best situation for most special children, so HSLDA highly recommends homeschooling any child with a learning disability or special need” (Wright, 2006). 2. In traditional classroom settings, teachers are often unable to provide the appropriate attention and accurately teach children with various different learning styles. “A teacher will tend to choose curriculum that appeals to his own best way to learn because that’s what makes the most sense to him. If the children’s styles are different, the materials may not make as much sense to them” (Cannon, 2010).
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B. Parents who home school, are able to properly identify their child’s style of learning and
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homeschool_outline - Preference for homeschooling over...

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