Unit 5 Reading - Unit 5 CM105 College Composition I...

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Unit 5 CM105: College Composition I: Effective Writing for Business Majors Reading | Unit 5 What is informative/expository writing? Writing that seeks to explain a topic and educate the audience is known as expository/informative writing. Many of the types of writing we encounter in our daily lives are examples of informative writing. Some of these are books, reports, letters, emails, memos, articles, and scholarly papers. We will be mostly focusing on more formal informative writing of the type that is suitable for an academic paper. Informative writing does not contain opinion, but only the information necessary to educate the audience. Your job is to report the information. Informative writing is often compared to good journalism. A journalist reports the facts of the story without trying to persuade the reader regarding what happened. You will do a great deal of this writing in the courses you will be taking at Kaplan University. Informative writing's purpose is to educate the reader on the topic, so the reader can decide his or her point of view or action to take. You supply the information and the reader takes that information and makes a decision, if a decision needs to be made. Otherwise he or she merely comes to a conclusion based on your explanation. You have fulfilled your duty to educate the audience. Prewriting, Discovering Ideas, and Developing a Thesis
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Unit 5 Reading - Unit 5 CM105 College Composition I...

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