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Unit 7 CM105: College Composition I: Effective Writing for Business Majors Reading | Unit 7 Revising for Content When you revise your paper you should first revise for content. When revising for content, you must carefully consider these features and make the necessary changes. You can do the following: Consider whether your paper accomplishes its purpose, which is to inform and educate your readers, analyze the topic, and perhaps call them to action. Is your thesis clear enough? Does it encompass everything you plan to cover in your essay? Are your ideas clearly stated? Which ideas need further development? Do the major ideas in your paper receive enough attention? Are you being repetitive and where might material be deleted? Think about the focus of your paper. Do the introduction and conclusion focus clearly on the main point? Does your introduction capture your reader’s attention? Does your conclusion provide a good finale to your paper? Is your thesis clear enough? Revising for Form
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