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Unit 8 CM105: College Composition I: Effective Writing for Business Majors Guralnik, D. (Ed.). (1979). New world dictionary of the American language (2nd ed.).William Collins. Glossary | Unit 8 Proofreading: Is the final step in the revision process. In this final step you will correct all grammar, punctuation and formatting mistakes so that your paper is free from all mechanical errors. Revision: According to Webster’s Dictionary (1979), Whereas when you revise a document you "see" a document again. You
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Unformatted text preview: “read [it] over carefully to correct, improve,[it] or update where necessary.” Editing: According to Webster’s Dictionary (1979), editing is to “revise and make ready [a written document] for publication …or presentation”. In-text citation: APA citation that you place within a piece of writing such as a report, letter, or essay References page: This is needed for your Powerpoint presentation as well and lists the sources you have referred to in your in-text citation....
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