6-10 - EEEEE {4. 4i o 0 e o o a 0 o o a :I» H-...

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Unformatted text preview: EEEEE {4. 4i o 0 e o o a 0 o o a :I» H- Guestr'on?.5.12 Emercisefimre: III cf 3 p15 Assignmntfimre: 0% {III crf EIII p13} “Inf 2!] cumplete fl 1 Assume the probability is E that a child born is a boy. If a family has three children, what is the probability that they have a) exactly one boy? b) at most two boys? a) The probability ofgefling exactly one boy is «H. «I: o o o o o e a o o w in H» QuestiooiSEF Exercisefimre: III cn‘ 3 p15 Assignmntfimre: 0% [III cn‘ EIZI p15) Illan 21} cumplete E An indiviciual can be classified by gender as male, female, by hair color as black blonde, brown, red, milmown, and by eye color as black brown, green, hazel. a} How many diHereiit classifications are possible {for example, male, with black hair, and hazel eyes)? There are D different classifications. «u. «r o o e o o e o e o a s m- 35.23 Emrljsefimre: III crf 3 p13 Assignmntfimre: 0% {III at EU p13} “Infill camp-late fl A. pea plant must have exactly one of each of the following pairs of traits: short {s} or tall {t}= yellow (y) or green (g) peas {for example, short and yellow peas). {:1} How many different classifications of pea plants are possible? |:| classifications a. q: o o e o o e o e a o 1- » (Josefina-.3535 Exercise 5|:an: III EFF 3 p15 Assignmntfimre: 0% [III EFF ED p15} {II-IF 21} cumplete fl The probability that a heat—seeking torpedo will hit its target is {1.2. If the first torpedo hits its target, the probability that the second torpedo will hit the target increases to {1.3 because of the extra heat generated by the first explosion. If two heat—seeking torpedoes are fired at a target= determine the probability that neither hits the target. The probability that neither hits the target is {Type an integer or a decimal.) {Hoeeooeeooo 1"» EKEHI-ISE Scare: III of 3 p15 Assignment: Scare: Elli-i: [III of ED p15) flnF It} complete a Certain birth defects and syndromes are polygenetic in nature. 'I‘ypically= the chance that an offspring will be born with a polygenetic affliction is small. However, once an offspring is born with the affliction, the probability that future offspring of the same parents will be born with the same affliction increases. Let's assume that the probability of a child being born with affliction A is flflfli. Ifa child is born with this affliction, the probability ofa future child being born with the same affliction becomes {102. Are the events ofthe births of two children in the same family with affliction A independent? (:1 No (j Yes ...
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6-10 - EEEEE {4. 4i o 0 e o o a 0 o o a :I» H-...

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