Persepolis - Persepolis 00:26 KEY TER MS: The Islamic...

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Unformatted text preview: Persepolis 00:26 KEY TER MS: The Islamic Revolution-- The I ranian Revolution (also known as the Islamic Revolution or 1979 Revolution ; Persian: , Enghel be Esl mi or ) refers to events involving the overthrow of Iran's monarchy (Pahlavi dynasty) under Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi and its replacement with an Islamic republic under Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, the leader of the revolution. Pahlavi Dynasty (Shah)-- The Pahlavi dynasty (Persian: ) consisted of two Iranian/Persian monarchs, father and son Reza Shah Pahlavi (reg. 19251941) and Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi Demonstration-- A demonstration or street protest is action by a mass group or collection of groups of people in favor of a political or other cause; it normally consists of walking in a mass march formation and either beginning with or meeting at a designated endpoint, or rally, to hear speakers Zarathrusta first prophet Rex Cinema Fire-- On August 19, 1978, in the Cinema Rex fire , the Cinema Rex in Abadan, I ran, was set ablaze, killing over 400 individuals. The ruling government of I ran reported that Islamic militants set the fire, while the anti-Shah protesters blamed the intelligence service of the nation, SAVAK for setting the fire. Motives and responsibility ; I t is certain that the Cinema Rex fire was a key event that t riggered the Iranian revolution. The Islamists alleged that SAVAK agents were in pursuit of individuals who ran into the movie theatre locked the doors of the cinema, and a fire was started in the theatre presumably by the fugitives. Unable to escape from the building, everyone inside the cinema presumably by the fugitives....
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Persepolis - Persepolis 00:26 KEY TER MS: The Islamic...

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