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The Gleaner’s and I

The Gleaner’s and I - ’ bringing life to...

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The Gleaner’s and I 17:00 Agnes Varda Independent film maker o First film in 1986- The Short Headland A movie that reflects on the process of making movies o Gives it a type of playfulness Won awards—French equivalent to the Oscars The Gleaner’s and I Self reflexivity as an essay o Representation in shaping our understanding in the world o What we see and don’t see Capitalism o Individualism is the engine to capitalism People choose how they want to live ( Jacobson [movie reviewer] ) The world of the gleaner is a personified world (gendering) seeing the objects as beings that should be cared for o Brings out Feminism —Gleaning use to be women’s work o Gleaners on the side of the ‘mother
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Unformatted text preview: ’; bringing life to objects Deserves care; nurturing • Under an Agricultural economy, gleaning can only go on once the harvest is over o With the law , there are only certain times that make it legal to pick up the wasted harvest on private lands Transgression • Varda explores the emotions of disgust, shame vs. ‘savvy’ (being able to use stuff in an efficient way) o Shows that gleaners overcome these emotions in order to gather the parts (of leftover TVs etc.) • Shows examples of how people live o Lower class who live off of gleaning vs. well off who still glean Joie de vivre A joy in living or a joy in life...
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The Gleaner’s and I - ’ bringing life to...

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