The Gleaner’s and I

The Gleaner’s and I - ; bringing life to...

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The Gleaner’s and I 17:00 Agnes Varda Independent film maker o First film in 1986- The Short Headland A movie that reflects on the process of making movies o Gives it a type of playfulness Won awards—French equivalent to the Oscars The Gleaner’s and I Self reflexivity as an essay o Representation in shaping our understanding in the world o What we see and don’t see Capitalism o Individualism is the engine to capitalism People choose how they want to live ( Jacobson [movie reviewer] ) The world of the gleaner is a personified world (gendering) seeing the objects as beings that should be cared for o Brings out Feminism —Gleaning use to be women’s work o Gleaners on the side of the ‘mother
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Unformatted text preview: ; bringing life to objects Deserves care; nurturing Under an Agricultural economy, gleaning can only go on once the harvest is over o With the law , there are only certain times that make it legal to pick up the wasted harvest on private lands Transgression Varda explores the emotions of disgust, shame vs. savvy (being able to use stuff in an efficient way) o Shows that gleaners overcome these emotions in order to gather the parts (of leftover TVs etc.) Shows examples of how people live o Lower class who live off of gleaning vs. well off who still glean Joie de vivre A joy in living or a joy in life...
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The Gleaner’s and I - ; bringing life to...

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