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2007 Scoring Guidelines: Elizabeth goes over her changing feelings for Darcy while in Derbyshire. (Vol. III, Ch. 2) ; p. 171 “Their visitors staid with them above half an hour…” through p. 173, the end of the chapter. 9.8 These essays offer a persuasive analysis of how the author uses literary techniques to characterize Elizabeth’s changing feelings for Darcy while in Derbyshire. The writers make a strong case for their interpretation of the passage . They explore the possibilities of character and situation ; consider techniques such as point of view, selection of detail, syntax, characterization, diction and tone ; and engage the text through apt and specific references . Although these essays may not be error-free, their perceptive analysis is apparent in writing that is clear , precise, and effectively organized . Generally, essays scored a nine (9) reveal more sophisticated analysis and more effective control of language than do essays scored an eight (8). 7.6 These essays offer
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