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Persuasive Essay Assignment

Persuasive Essay Assignment - The antithesis could be The...

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Persuasive Essay Assignment – 50 points Assignment: Write a 5 paragraph essay persuading your readers to accept your viewpoint about a controversial world issue. The subject you choose must be argumentative; that is, it must have two sides – a pro side and a con side. In writing your persuasive essay, you will try to argue that your opinion is right by backing it up with reasons and evidence. While emotions may be involved in persuasive speaking or conversation, the persuasive essay appeals more to the reasoning or understanding of the reader. You must use credible sources for backing up your arguments. The persuasive essay has a thesis, but it also has an antithesis – that is, a statement that supports the opposite point of view. For instance, suppose you are writing a paper about the value of the high school diploma. Your thesis might be “Because of the continued lowering of graduation standards, the high school diploma has very little value today.”
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Unformatted text preview: The antithesis could be The high school diploma still serves a need in securing jobs because many employers demand a diploma. Both the thesis and the antithesis have points to support them, and you need to acknowledge both. The thesis, however, must have more support than the antithesis. If it does not, you may find that you should flip to the other side of the argument. Format: Once you have stated your position in your introduction, you would begin the body of the paper by addressing all the objections to the position and refuting them (or proving them wrong). Then you would present a number of points supporting your position building up to a final appeal which would be the papers conclusion. Works Cited: You must have four cited sources for your research. At least 2 must be from the librarys database system. A Works Cited page must be included with your final essay. Your essay will need to be typed in MLA format and submitted to turnitin.com...
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