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ChoiceBookTimedWritingRubric - Choice Book Timed...

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Choice Book Timed Writing -Essay Rubric- CATEGORY Advanced - 4 Proficient - 3 Partially Proficient - 2 Needs Work - 1 Organization: Paragraph Structure All of the body paragraphs contain topic sentences, transition sentences, examples, and are clearly organized. You have an engaging introduction and conclusion which are clearly organized and are an appropriate length. Body paragraphs have topic sentences, some transitions and are mostly clear. You have a clear introduction and conclusion. The body paragraphs may be unclear in the organization, not include specific examples, or have awkward or missing transitions. You have attempted an introduction and conclusion, but they are not adequate or clear. OR You are missing ONE of these. The paragraphs are very unclear, information is minimal, and/or no examples are provided. You are missing both an introduction and a conclusion. Content & Ideas: Summary You accurately explain the events in the book, providing enough detail to make it clear that you read it but not so much
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