SSTicket1 (Ch 1 and 2 CRQ)

SSTicket1 (Ch 1 and 2 CRQ) - Give an example (and page #)...

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Name: ___________________________________________ Date: ________ Per: _____ Directions: Answer the questions below using complete sentences. Give examples where asked, giving PAGE NUMBERS for your examples. 1. Explain the contrast between Lennie and George. How is each one described on page two of the novel? 2. How is George’s character shown through his dialogue (words that he says aloud)? Find an example of something he says to Lennie that shows how he treats Lennie. Give the page number. 3. Describe the relationship between Lennie and George.
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Unformatted text preview: Give an example (and page #) to support your answer. 4. What story does Lennie want George to tell at the end of the chapter? Why does he like it so much? 5. Who shows Lennie and George around the bunkhouse? Describe him. 6. Who is Curley? How does George feel about him? What makes him have that impression? 7. On page 22 the boss asks George what hes selling. What is he talking about? What is so unusual about Lennie and George? 8. How does Lennie react to meeting Curleys wife? How does George react? 9. What does Slim have that Lennie wants? 10. What does Carlson want Candy to do to his dog?...
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SSTicket1 (Ch 1 and 2 CRQ) - Give an example (and page #)...

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