Tableau - OMAM ch. 1 - 4

Tableau - OMAM ch. 1 - 4 - Note A quote does not have to be...

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Of Mice and Men Scene Tableau Tableau – a “Freeze Frame” of a scene in which a group of people get into positions representing the action & ideas of the scene and DO NOT MOVE. Choose an important “snapshot” moment from your section. Decide how to portray this moment. It does not all have to be literal – can be symbolic. Each person MUST represent something. Consider having people portray: o important parts of the setting, o characters that are not present, but are talked about o one of the characters in the scene as he/she looked/acted earlier in the scene or will look later. IN ADDITION: Pick an “Important Quote” from your section that will be the “caption” for your tableau. Write this quote clearly on the construction paper that I give you. When selecting your quote: Explain what it shows about: character, setting, or theme. OR Find a quote that is an example of Foreshadowing or Imagery.
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Unformatted text preview: * Note: A quote does not have to be something that a character SAYS in the book. It is any group of words chosen word-for-word from the text – a description, a character’s actions, or dialogue. Group 1 – Chapter 1 Group 2 – Chapter 2, pgs. 30 – 33 Group 3 – Chapter 2, pgs. 34 – 37 Group 4 – Chapter 3, pgs. 44 – 49 Group 5 – Chapter 3, pgs. 56 – 61 Group 6 – Chapter 4, pgs. 77 - 81 Group Work Expectations:-Stay with your group, don’t wander.-Talk only to your group.-Speak only loud enough for your group to hear you.-Sit at a desk “pod” with your group – turn your desks to face each other.-DUE: one sheet of paper for your group with the following info --o Group member names o Assigned Group number and page numbers o Your “caption” quote o Roles – who or what will each group member be in your tableau...
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Tableau - OMAM ch. 1 - 4 - Note A quote does not have to be...

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