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Name: ________________________________ Date: ____________ Period: __________ Socratic Seminar #3 Ticket NOTE: You will also need this handout for the essay that you will write, so KEEP IT after the Socratic Seminar is over. Choose one of the following characters: Lennie George Curley For the character you have chosen, find 3 quotes to fill in the chart below. Remember that a quote is ANY PART OF THE BOOK. It does not have to be in “quote marks” in the book. Do NOT put this in your own words, but use the exact words from the book. Choose quotes that show something important.
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Unformatted text preview: Character Name: ___________________________________ page # Quote What does this quote show? A description of your character. Look in the beginning of the book: Chapter 1 for Lennie & George, Chapter 2 for Curley Something your character says. Something your character does. What does your character do during Chapter 5 and 6 in the book? What happens to him? What do his actions show about him? How would you describe him based on the end of the book? Do you think his actions are honorable (good) or dishonorable (bad)? Why?...
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