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Name: _______________________________ Date: ____________ Per: __________ Socratic Seminar Observer Notes Seminar #3: Graded Seminar on Chapters 5 & 6 Of Mice and Men Directions: Answer in complete sentences ON YOUR OWN PAPER, giving examples or quotes when directed. YOU MUST TURN THIS SHEET IN FOR A GRADE. Like the participants, this will be a major assignment grade, showing your listening skills, your understanding of the book, and your careful thoughts about the discussion. If you need more time to finish your answers, you can take it home to finish, but remember to turn it in next class!! 1. Explain how you think the discussion is going so far. a. What are they talking about and how many people are talking? b. Are they listening to each other? c. Are they using quotes? d. How does this seminar seem different or the same from last time? 2. Choose ONE comment that someone has said so far.
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Unformatted text preview: a. Explain what the person said (in your own words is OK). b. What do you think of this comment? c. Do you agree or disagree? d. Was it helpful in the discussion? e. Did the person support this idea with an example? 3. Explain something new that you learned or realized about the book from this discussion. It might be a fact from the book that you did not notice on your own, or a different opinion or idea about the book. 4. Choose one of the Seminar questions listed below to answer in your own words. Be specific and detailed in your answer. Socratic Seminar Questions – Choose one to answer What dream does your character have? What fears does he/she have? How is your character viewed by others in the book? Why does George shoot Lennie himself? Is this action justifiable or can it only be condemned?...
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