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Name:   _______________________________   Date:   _______________   Period:  _________ Character Analysis Essay Pre-Writing Questions Answer in complete sentences.  Look over the quotes you have for your character, or  review some of the book if you have no quotes yet. Use this information to answer the  questions below. My   Character   (full   name,   if   known):  _____________________ ____________________ 1. How   is   your   character   described?   Describe   the   character’s   appearance,  mannerisms, and personality in your own words. 2. What do your character’s actions show about him/her? Does he/she behave in  an admirable and positive way or in an unkind and harmful way? Use at least  two different adjectives  to describe his/her behavior 3. What do your character’s words show about him/her? Describe in your own  words and use a quote if you can.
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4. What do other characters think about your character? Describe in your own 
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Unformatted text preview: words and use a quote if you can. 5. How does your character feel and what is most important to him/her? If you did a Body Biography for this character, what would be in his/her heart? What would be in his/her head? What are the significant symbols that are important to this character and why? 6. Make a list of possible character traits for your character. Use your answers to the questions above, your quotes, and the character traits list. List at least 6 possible character traits. 7. Decide on THREE traits that you think best describe your character and that you will be able to prove with quotes from the novel. This will be part of your interpretation of the character and the first step to writing a thesis. 3 Traits for character: __________________, ____________________ , ________________...
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Pre_Writing_Questions_Character_Analysis_Essay - words and...

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