OMAM Research Poster Rubric

OMAM Research Poster Rubric - You have also used a 3 rd...

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OMAM Research Poster Project          Name(s): __________________________________ Per: _______ Criteria Description of excellence for this task Possible pts Points  earned Comments Poster  Content - The poster clearly states your research question.  - The poster lists 7 – 10 facts that answer your research  question and these facts are clearly explained in your own  words.  - You have included some “visuals” – maps, charts, pictures –  that provide more information for your audience. - For an “A” you have discovered unique information and  organized the information in and engaging way for your  audience.       10   Research You have found 3 credible and relevant sources: - You have carefully considered several websites to choose  the best one(s) and  have attached the Research Poster  Project sheet  with the  questions answered for 3 websites  that you considered.  - You have also used at least one database source. 
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Unformatted text preview: - You have also used a 3 rd source – a website or a database.- You have attached a Works Cited page that lists your 3 sources. NOTE: Attach the Works Cited and the Research Project sheet to the BACK of poster. 10 Poster Design Your poster is neatly done and shows effort. The words are big enough and clear enough to read from a distance , and the pictures are clear and easy to see. Your information in arranged in a logical way and is written 5 OMAM Research Poster Project Name(s): __________________________________ Per: _______ as clear bullet points or VERY SHORT paragraphs that are easy to read. For an “A” your poster is creative and engages your audience. 22.5 – 25 A 20 – 22 B 17.5 – 19.5 C Total Points: _________ / 25 15 – 17 D...
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OMAM Research Poster Rubric - You have also used a 3 rd...

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