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1. Think about your fears—what worries you most in life?  Some  of you may have a fear of something tangible, like spiders, or  rats.  Others may fear something more abstract, like loneliness  or destruction.  Make a list of your fears. 2. Think about things you love.  It may be a person, an animal or  something you love to do.   Make a list of your loves. 3. Think about your vices.  What bad habits do you have that 
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Unformatted text preview: you cant resist? Some people eat too much chocolate, others love to play video games or spend time on the computerwe all probably have more than one. Make a list of your vices. 4. Think about your dreams. What excites you about life? What do you picture doing in the next few years? What do you hope to become? What do you hope for the rest of the world?...
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