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Making a Works Cited page A Works Cited page is REQUIRED for this project. It should be attached to the back of your poster and is worth 10 of the 25 points for this project. A Works Cited is a bibliography. There are several styles of bibliographies. In Language Arts, we use the MLA style. This is a set of rules for how to format papers and how to do research that academics in the field of English must use. You will always use this style in your L.A. classes. For this poster, you will make a Works Cited to list the sources that you used. When you list sources, you provide information like the author, the organization that sponsored the website, and date that you got the information (called “date of access”). You CANNOT JUST LIST THE WEB ADDRESS. More help with research tips and how to make a Works Cited can be found at: Purdue Online Writing Lab, OWL:
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Unformatted text preview: Each source has an “entry” on the Works Cited page. Your Works Cited will have 3 entries, one for each source. Here is what you need to include for each source: ARTICLE/DATABASE Author’s last name, first name. “Title of Article.” Title of Magazine, Newspaper, Database. Day Month Year (of publication or last updated on web). Web. WEBSITE Title of the Site . Editor/Author. Date (last updated or published) and/or Version Number. Name of Sponsoring Institution. Date of Access. Web. Notes on Citing Websites: -Full URL ( http://www . . . . ) is no longer required according to updated MLA guidelines.-Not all websites contain all of this information; you provide whatever information is available. For example many sites have no editor or author. -Date of Access means the day you got the information....
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