Essay Structure Choices

Essay Structure Choices - Since you are trying to write a...

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Character Analysis Essay Structure CHOICE #1 3 Paragraphs: o Introduction o Body Paragraph w/ quotes o Conclusion Include  3 quotes  about your character Maximum  Possible  Grade  is a  B.  You will be graded  according to the  3-Paragraph Rubric. Good choice if more than one of these is true for  you . . . o On your pre-assessment essay you scored  below a 3.0 average. o On your pre-assessment essay you scored  below a 3.0 in the categories of paragraph  structure and/or support. o You have never written an essay with this  structure of Intro, Body, and Conclusion. o You have a very hard time writing more than  one typed page. o You often don’t finish big writing projects on  time. o You get very anxious writing essays. CHOICE #2 5 Paragraphs: o Introduction o 3 Body Paragraphs w/ quotes o Conclusion Include  6 quotes  about your character Can earn an   A, even with some mistakes
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Unformatted text preview: . Since you are trying to write a harder paper, I would expect some more errors. This does NOT mean an automatic A. You will be graded according to the 5-Paragraph Rubric. • Even if your pre-assessment score was below 3.0, or if you do not have any experience with writing this type of essay, you may still want to choose this if one of these is true for you . . . Character Analysis Essay Structure o You are a self-motivated student willing to work hard to learn to write essays . o You are willing and able to meet with Ms. Cosmos outside of class for writing conferences while working on this essay. o You like writing, but know that organization, grammar, and/or writing in a more formal, 5-paragraph format is not your strength....
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Essay Structure Choices - Since you are trying to write a...

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