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Class Mosaic - • A symbol of your personality •...

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Mosaic: A picture or decorative image made by setting small colored pieces, as of stone or tile, into a surface. Your first assignment is to create a personal tile for a class mosaic. Instead of stone or glass, our mosaic will be composed of your creative and cool biographical squares on craft paper that I provide. This is your first chance to show off your skills—please do your best! (And no “do-overs” with the paper, there is no extra!) Your “tile” must include: Your name, written large and clear A photograph of you (preferably recent) A favorite quote—from a book, a song, a movie, etc. A 3D element—something that stands out away from the paper
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Unformatted text preview: • A symbol of your personality • Representations of: o a love o a fear o a dream o a vice Remember, this should be colorful, neat, and interesting. Others should be able to see “at a glance” a bit of what you are about. Your grade will be based on 4 categories (10 points each): • Presentation—Is it neat? Did you take time doing it? • Completion—Are all the requirements included? • Creativity/ Meaning – Did you choose interesting symbols and a creative layout? • Sharing—You will be asked to briefly present your tile to the class. The assignment will be worth 40 points in the Formative Work category of your grade....
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