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Character Analysis 3-Paragraph Essay Rubric CATEGORY Proficient (B) Partially Proficient (C) Needs Work (D) Organization Introduction Hook – it is interesting! Elaboration – correctly lists title, author and connects to next idea Thesis – one sentence at the end of the paragraph Introduction Includes your thesis statement and has a hook. Has one of these problems: May be too short May not give enough background information on your character. May not be organized correctly , making it hard to find your thesis. Introduction Has more than one of the problems listed under Partially Proficient. OR Does not have a thesis statement. Body Topic sentence – about the whole paragraph, clear, uses different words from your thesis. Introduce Quotes – give the context to explain the quote BEFORE the quote. Quotes – you have at least THREE quotes Analyze quotes – you explain your thinking about each quote – AFTER the quote. Clincher Sentence – Sums up your ideas in a Body Has a Topic Sentence, but it may not correct. Has 3 at least quotes.
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Character_Analysis_Rubric_3_Paragraph - Character Analysis...

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