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modern transcendentalism presentation outline

modern transcendentalism presentation outline - American...

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American Literature and Composition—FHS Language Arts Modern Transcendentalist Presentation Your name(s):______________________________________________________________________________ Person:_________________________________________________Approved by your teacher:_____________ Presentation Outline: A. Your presentation must have 3 distinct parts 1. Introduction a. Attention getter b. Reason to listen: relevance to our lives c. Transition to your specific topic e. Preview of presentation (thesis: how your choice is a modern transcendentalist) 2. Body a. Three main points about how your person exhibits transcendentalism b. Each point has explanatory information with 1. Quotes from the texts we studied 2. Quotes from or about the actual person you chose 3. Facts about transcendentalism and/or your choice of person 4. Testimonials and stories about your person c. Transitions (road signs) between points 3. Conclusion a. Restate main points b. End with something to 1. Show completion 2. Leave the audience thinking
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