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SLCC The Great Gatsby Essay Assignment Choose one of the following prompts and respond in an essay of NO MORE than four pages. Essays must be typed, double-spaced, with standard margins (1/2" to 1"), 12-point font, have a unique title, and a heading in the upper left-hand corner—use MLA Style. Remember that literary analysis is written in present tense because the literature exists in the present. Example: Gatsby wants to turn back the clock in order to be with Daisy. Nick tries to warn him that this is impossible by stating the obvious, “You can’t repeat the past” (Fitzgerald 111). See analysis essay guidelines under Documents for other helpful tips and a suggested outline format. Your essay must respond to your chosen prompt (see below) with a clear thesis, textual evidence (with in-text, MLA Style parenthetical citations—page numbers from the book only UNLESS you also use other sources), and will be evaluated using the 6 traits-type writing model (see below for the rubric). Any sources outside of the novel must be included in a MLA Style Works Cited page, or you will receive a zero for plagiarizing. This essay requires that you interpret, analyze and persuade. These are modes which we have previously practiced: ignore them at your peril . CAUTION
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Gatsby_essay_assignment_SLCC - SLCC The Great Gatsby Essay...

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