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Diversity Case Study - Case Study The Memo in Every Woman's...

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Case Study The Memo in Every Woman's Desk The following case appeared in the Harvard Business Review and the Washington Post and was broadcast on National Public Radio. Readers and listeners were sharply divided over whether Liz should send the memo to her boss. Read the case and you decide. TO: Mr. John Clark, CEO FROM: Elizabeth C. Ames, Director of Consumer Marketing I've been working in the marketing department of Vision Software for more than 10 years, where I've had my share of challenges and successes. I've enjoyed being part of an interesting and exciting company. Despite my general enthusiasm about the company and my job, however, I was taken aback when I received your memo announcing the resignations of Miriam Blackwell and Susan French, Vision's most senior women. This is not the first time Vision has lost its high- ranking women. Just nine months ago, Kathryn Hobbs resigned, and a year before that, it was Suzanne LaHaise. The reasons are surprisingly similar: they wanted to "spend more time with their families" or "explore new career directions." I can't help but detect a disturbing pattern. Why do such capable, conscientious women who have demonstrated intense commitment to their careers suddenly want to change course or spend more time at home? It's a question I've thought long and hard about. Despite Vision's policies to hire and promote women and your own efforts to recognize
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Diversity Case Study - Case Study The Memo in Every Woman's...

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