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Outline No. 4 for StOC 2672

Outline No. 4 for StOC 2672 - USA 3 Family Examples South...

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Page 1 of 1 Outline No. 4 for StOC 2672: Corporate Cultural Models Chapters 3, 4; George A. Key terms: cultural variability, cultural synergy Recall (a) the last three lines of p. 8; (b) the first six lines of p. 9; and (c) pp. 25-28. B. Four Corporate Cultural Models Two primary dimensions for understanding key characteristics of each of the models: (a) people vs. task and (b) hierarchical vs. egalitarian nature of the organization (pp. 46- 47). Hierarchical Egalitarian People Family Incubator Task Eiffel Tower Guided Missile 1. Eiffel Tower. Example: France. 2. Guided Missile. Example:
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Unformatted text preview: USA. 3. Family. Examples: South Korea, India. 4. Incubator. Examples: Start-ups in Silicon Valley, USA; and in Silicon Glen, Scotland. C. Building intercultural relationships and accommodating culture shock (the U-curve and W-curve hypotheses): • Have basic language skills • Have necessary social skills • Build a trusting relationship by allowing one to penetrate well below the surface • Recognize the importance of similarities and differences (and understand the cultural uniqueness of a country, as iterated by George, pp. 101-104)...
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