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Outline No. 5 for StOC 2672

Outline No. 5 for StOC 2672 - 1 Multiculturalism 2 Time...

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Outline No. 5 for StOC 2672 Chapter 7 and TU e-Reserve Readings What’s the cyclical process for “learning how to assimilate the skills essential to cross- cultural competence”? By a definition, a global team is (a) multicultural, (b) multinational, and (c) virtual. Explain. (See p. 199, left column, first full graf of Maznevski and DiStefano article, on TU e-Reserve.) Global team challenges (cultural and technological)
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Unformatted text preview: : 1. Multiculturalism 2. Time issues 3. Coordination 4. Language skills 5. Asynchronous communication What to do about those challenges ? 1. Maznevki and DiStefano (p. 135 of textbook): mapping, bridging, integrating 2. Read p. 137, second full graf of textbook: “There is one point that most scholars . . . ” • Communication • Integration • Clarification...
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