StOC 2672,Video on Communicating in Latin America, DISTRIBUTED COPY

StOC 2672,Video on Communicating in Latin America, DISTRIBUTED COPY

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Page 1 of 1 “Communicating in Latin America” (38 minutes) 1. “Understanding culture is the key to effective communication” region of great diversity diversity within countries in the region resilient economy, e.g., that of Colombia more puritanical 2. History is a key to understanding a culture lack of a middle class growth of aristocrats who live well but do not place emphasis on the virtues of hard work 3. A language provides insights to a culture. Portuguese is the No. 1 language in South America 4. INNER DIMENSIONS OF CULTURE (á la Geert Hofstede’s dimensions of cultural variability, pp. 25-28 of your required textbook): Time orientation--linear, punctual in USA; less punctual, flexible in Latin culture. Monochronicity (USA) vs. polychronicity (Latin America) Context—literal in the USA; context in which words are spoken in Latin culture Avoidance of uncertainty Power distance--more egalitarian in USA; more hierarchical in Latin culture
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Unformatted text preview: • Individualism vs. collectivism • Long-term vs. short-term thinking: short term in USA; long term in Latin culture • Stability vs. adaptability--stability and certainty in Latin America; adaptability in USA. • Physical distance • Expressing emotions--Latin culture is more expressive; expressing their happiness and sadness. In USA, more reserved; don’t show emotions 5. LATIN ETIQUETTE--personal relationships and friendships are more important in business in Latin America than in the USA. Conversational taboos : politics, religion, race and ethnicity; referring to the United States as America . People in Central and South America view themselves also as Americans. Brazilians are not Hispanic. Acceptable (conversational) topics : • Sports • Food • Music • Literature • Art • Weather • Family...
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