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J1111 Journalism and Society Journalism Source/Content Analysis Due Thursday, October 14 Worth a potential 100 points 1. Based on the first initial of your last name, you will research one of the following organizations: a. Center for Economic and Policy Research (Last name starting with A or B) b. Hudson Institute (Last name starting with C) c. Rand Corporation (Last name starting with D) d. Manhattan Institute (Last name starting with E or F) e. Center for Strategic and International Studies (Last name starting with G) f. Economic Policy Institute (Last name starting with H) g. Heritage Foundation (Last name starting with I or J or K) h. Center for Public Integrity (Last name starting with L) i. American Enterprise Institute (Last name starting with M or N) j. Brookings Institution (Last name starting with O, P, Q or R) k. Cato Institute (Last name starting with S) l. Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (Last name starting with T, U or V) m.
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  • Spring '08
  • Miller
  • Political and economic think tanks in the United States, Economic Policy Institute, C. D. E., Heritage Foundation, Journalism Source/Content Analysis, Center for Economic and Policy Research

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