IssueFacingJournalism - ISSUE FACING JOURNALISM Due...

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ISSUE FACING JOURNALISM Due November 23. This paper must be uploaded to SafeAssign and submitted in hard copy. Choose a contemporary issue facing journalism to investigate more thoroughly. You will: Start with a specific story or incident, and explain/summarize the issue (1 page). Pose a question at the end of the summary such as, “Should the media report on the extramarital affairs of politicians?” or, “Should gossip online be monitored?” Using the facts and information that you've gathered, express your own opinions on the issue and how journalists should handle the situation (2 full pages). Refer to the newsworthiness criteria and the principles of journalism as support. Read what else has been written about this specific case or other cases that are similar. Compare this situation with others. You need to include at least 3 sources (all of them--including websites--need to be cited in-text and listed in your bibliography using APA or MLA style). Possible sources
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IssueFacingJournalism - ISSUE FACING JOURNALISM Due...

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