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Anonymous Public Speaking Prof. Raskin Should the Federal Minimum Wage Be Eliminated? An Annotated Bibliography 1. “Characteristics of Minimum Wage Workers: 2009.” Bureau of Labor Statistics. Washington: 2010. Web. 4 Oct 2010. <http://www.bls.gov/cps/minwage2009.htm>. This publication by the Bureau of Labor Statistics provides interesting data about the characteristics of the minimum wage workers in 2009. Not only does it have general facts about the workers, it also has a wide range of data tables that could be useful visual aides. This is a great source because it presents its information in an unbiased way. Some of the key facts include: Most minimum wage workers tend to be young. “The industry with the highest proportion of workers with hourly wages at or below the Federal minimum wage was leisure and hospitality.”- approx. 21% “The percentage of workers earning the minimum wage did not vary much across the major race and ethnicity groups.” 2. Delaney, Arthur. "Two-Thirds Of Americans Support Raising Minimum Wage: Poll." Huffington Post (2010). Web. 8 Oct 2010. <http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/10/06/americans-minimum-wage- poll_n_752921.html>. This brief article claims that a large number of Americans are in favor of increasing the minimum wage. I like this article because even though it comes from a traditionally liberal source, it mentions the views of some Republicans as well. I would use this article to mention how Americans today think it is time to raise the minimum wage. Poll: Two-thirds of Americans support raising the minimum wage to $10/hour Survey done by Public Religion Research Institute Min. wage would be above $10 if it had kept pace with inflation, according to the National Employment Law Project 980,000 U.S. workers earn exactly the minimum wage o 2.6 million earn less Two groups are 4.9% of hourly-paid workers 3. Filion, Kai. "Minimum Wage Issue Guide". Economic Policy Institute. 21 July 2009.
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This note was uploaded on 04/27/2011 for the course STRC 1111 taught by Professor Raskin during the Spring '11 term at Temple.

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AB example - Anonymous Public Speaking Prof. Raskin Should...

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