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Ethics essay assignment

Ethics essay assignment - mild sexual content Respond to...

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Ethics Essay Assignment STRC 1111 Spring 2011 2-3 pages 20 points Due Fri, 4/15 (though you are welcome to turn it in earlier) Note:  During the course of our six days of Informative Speeches, there will be no  assigned readings. Please take the time during this speech round to watch the movie  associated with this assignment. On reserve at the library are two copies of the film  Thank You for Smoking  (2005, dir.  Reitman). One is available for overnight loan, the other is only to be watched in the  library. Please note that the film is rated R, primarily for language, though there is some 
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Unformatted text preview: mild sexual content. Respond to the following prompt in a 2-3 page essay: Taken all together, do you believe Nick is an ethical speaker? Why or why not? Using examples from the film of behavior that is at least ethically questionable, and addressing the principles of ethical speaking and types of logical fallacies laid out by Beebe and Beebe in Chapters 3 and 26, respectively, analyze Nick’s persuasive strategies and defend your opinion. Remember: if you argue correctly, you’re never wrong....
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